CHANEL BLUE SERUM, με χρώμα Ελληνικό!

Beauty, από την Ε. Κάντζα, 28/03/2017


CHANEL: From blue zones to BLUE SERUM 

Inspired by blue zones, regions of the world where people live better and longer, CHANEL has created BLUE SERUM, for skin that looks younger and healthier. 
Combining 3 antioxidant and revitalising ingredients native to blue zones, BLUE SERUM is the new youth-activating skincare. 
Discover the blue zones.
Greece, a blue zone with a rich heritage and cultural wealth.

At the heart of the BLUE SERUM formula, the Greek lentisk, an ingredient naturally rich in oleanolic acid.

Η Ομορφιά έχει χρώμα Ελληνικό...!