Babor turns your day into something special...!

Deep, bi-phase cleansing with HY-ÖL was the starting point of the incredible success of the BABOR brand and remains a highlight of the BABOR range to this day. Active care ingredients can only achieve their full effect to make you look younger and fresher when applied to perfectly cleansed skin. Harness the natural, cleansing and invigorating powers of two opposing substances -- oil and water -- to enhance your beauty.

It was back in 1955 when Dr. Michael Babor discovered that valuable, naturally pure oils and water cleansed the skin in a more gentle yet thorough way than all other known methods. The hydrophilic cleansing oil is applied to dry skin and initially tackles the oil-soluble particles. Peanut and sesame oil soften and smooth the skin and provide lasting protection against drying out. The second stage sees the introduction of the skin-type-specific PHYTOACTIVE (BASE, SENSITIVE, COMBINATION and REACTIVATING): Water is added to the HY-ÖL® to form a milky emulsion, which removes the water-soluble dirt. The result is skin that has been thoroughly yet gently cleansed. Featuring the very best active ingredients from nature, the BABOR classic HY-ÖL® is proving its relevance now more than ever.

BABOR's other cleansing products are also designed to cleanse the skin thoroughly and intensively while retaining the skin's natural protective acidic mantle.